Do you need a localization partner to adapt your content to the French and European markets?

At Version Internationale, each of our clients faces different localization challenges and our added value comes from our capacity to adapt to your requirements.

The company story begins in California...

In the early 90’s Françoise and Patrick Bajon began working on localization solutions for Silicon Valley software companies looking to break into the European market. At the time, the key issue was finding innovative technical solutions for their specific problems.

A lot has changed since then. Our customer base has grown and diversified, but some of our first clients are still with us today. Version Internationale has a long history in IT and a deep understanding of localization issues—something we’ve built our reputation on.

“Customer satisfaction has always been our guiding principle”

F. Bajon CEO

A team that achieves results

We are proud of our highly qualified teams. Their localization expertise continues to grow each year thanks to an in-house training plan aimed at optimizing performance. Our methods, designed to meet a wide variety of requirements and better serve our clients, make it possible for us to handle nearly any localization problem and deliver high-quality results.

Flexible tools

We use tools that are developed internally and tailored to our needs. Solutions perfectly adapted to our daily tasks and real-world customer requirements. We’re ready to develop solutions customized to your needs and, together, we will select the best tools for your project. 

We apply the same principles to the safety and security of your data—we understand the high stakes involved and take your security concerns very seriously.

Our clients understand the strategic value of a good translation and trust us to do the work!

The advantages of working with a smaller team are greater flexibility, freedom to innovate and an open-minded approach. Experienced and motivated small teams can achieve impressive results, even for much larger companies…

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